Love Me

Hopeful and wonderful thoughts shared. We need to lead with concern, love and kindness.


I always say what I do wrong,

Let me tell you what I did and do right,

I’ve always had faith I knew God always had me in his sight,

I’m not above and arguement,

But I’m very non violent I hate to fight,

I’m not impressed very easily by materialistic things,

I truly believe that the majority of people have something positive to bring,

I know the difference between my truth and the truth,

Money is great but I refuse to chase it,

I am who I am and you can hate it or face it,

I absolutely know my flaws and that I am not better than anyone,

But no one loves me more than me except God,

I’ve learned not to judge another person’s pain,

Just because I can stand the rain doesn’t mean you can,

I have fun in…

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