Too old, to die young…

Too old to die young, my friend.

Once I held a 30-30 to my head, a blessed friend saved me. I have learned, now I have lived and I have learned.
I am too old to die young, lived long enough to know, we shall know sadness, we will know joy.
We will know the sweet taste of love and we will cry tears for love lost.
Our teachers will teach-us and they will leave us. We shall cry for them and we will try to remember their lessons share.
I know now, each of us, are here for a reason. To be saved and to save another.
Today the sun will rise and the moon shall fall. We must try to lead with delicate words and teach the children, love is life, be kind and generous to each other.
We are here just here for a while, just ships on the wild sea, doing our best to survive this life .

                      Dancing Coyote