Free falling…

(A unforgettable muse)

Free falling

Once we were the crazy ones. We believed in love and we believed in forever. We were sweet Summer red wine and discoverer of new and unknown places.

I remember your beautiful face and your kind and sweet voice whispering to me. Johnnie, live life without restraint and don’t allow fake walls of liars to make you blind.

I remember us. I remember how you loved silence and being near the sea. You were my goddess of the Pacific and in sweet dreams I can see you releasing your white cotton dress in the midnight hour and dancing with the Monterey bay waves.

You told me often. Bliss and kiss. Last freedom we can know. Johnnie, when love is near. Love hard, like tonight is our last hours of life. You and I. We intertwined our two lives. We love the sea and we love the free mountains and hidden rivers. We have seized the beauty of our earth. Please remember us and please Johnnie. Don’t forget who you are.

Today I wish I was the crazy one. I wish for days lost and cannot be found. I tell my children and my grandchildren. Be free and not bounded to fake dreams. Travel, test life and love many. Listen to the sea and seek unknown places where the gift of nature is our blessing.

I told the moon and the stars. I remember you and I hope you remember me. I have not forgotten who I was. Today my grandchildren are learning. To love the open road, the free sea and he river. I pray they learn. Better to be the crazy one than the person accepting the world as dark and lonely. Better to seek the gift of nature and find people who know love and kindness.