Never dance with the Devil…

Never dance with the Devil….

You are so damn fine, yes you are. You are like Black Velvet whiskey, Straight, easy to drink and smooth as silky kisses and erotic dances at the midnight hour.

I told you. Never dance with the Devil. She will tempt you and make you want some more. She will owned you and she will scar you forever. Some woman are sweet, kind and a safe haven. I know you are not. I know if I kissed those soft and tender lips, I know if I looked into those wild and untamed eyes. I’m lost.

I told you often. I love your voice. Your voice like sweet honey will make me want to fall to my knees and make me beg for mercy before I have sins.
I know you are crazy and you make me want to know crazy.

Locked-up man is dreaming of you. The locked-up man is planning escape and he knows. He will run to the Devil woman and the free man shall know. Love is costly and so wonderful.

He told the woman. You and I. Will we survive the madness or are we just a wild fire burning fast and shall fade to myth and tale? She smiled and she whispered. Better to drown in the flame of a passionate love than to live a life. Just waiting for death. Free man and beautiful lady sat by the sea and they sang to the moon.

Love be damns, love be sweet, love, be you and I. Dear moon, dear stars. We accept the payment. We will trick the Gods. Show them. Love is the sweetest wine, love is the kindest touch and love is you and I.

                          John Castellenas/ Coyote

© 2018 Coyote Poetry