Be quiet dear lover..


Be quiet dear lover/ Quédate 

The sky is grey and the sun is hidden behind the rain clouds in the early morning.

You and I had traveled to Palma,


The Germany Winter made our passion become too quiet and too sleepy.
Our Summer passion fell into Fall seduction, Fall Seduction made us need to hold on tighter, hard Winter made us hold too tightly. We needed the sun, we needed to escape the house, we needed Spain in the Spring, Paris in the Summer.

Beautiful Daniela awoke early, dressed in her bathing suit and she watched the sun escape the clouds. She turned to me and she whispered. We spoke white words, we spoke dark words and I like our silence the most. You took me to the Island of Palma. I know you want to find the fragrance of love, for you to create words to paint into your poetry. Am I your Beatrice dear Johnnie still?

I fell into your words and I told her. You are my Beatrice, my ambrosia, my savior and my sweet dream. You awoke my need to love, to dance and showed me the sweetest and grandest places where lovers can go. We are here in Palma. You can have your beach day, lay bare for the blessed sun and we can dance with the sea till the midnight moon is above us.
Daniela smiled and she kissed me sweet and long. She whispered, today we shall talk little, we shall drink a lot and we will peel away our Winter clothing. I adore you my dear love, I love how you look at me. Make me feel like I am the only one in the whole world. Let’s fall into the city of Palma. You and I. Need new days and wonderous nights. Forget the coldest of Winter, dear Johnnie. We have the music of Spain and tonight. We will dance with the sea.

I brought her closer and I told her. Quédat dear love. We will create a new lullaby for us. A lullaby where love is born and shall never die. I love you so my dear lover. She smiled and she whispered. I love you more.

                                      Dancing Coyote