It Takes Empathy – A Poem

Positive and wonderful words shared.

Keshi's Thinkings

It Takes Empathy To understand that it is not about you, the wrong words they threw at you. To support one who has no one, yet being abused. It takes empathy To offer genuine acceptance within your means, and not to look good on the means of their eyes. It takes empathy To help with a heart, and not join the majority's inhumaneness. Along with courage to stand firm with your ideals when it causes you to be ostracized for helping someone shunned for no enough reason. It takes empathy To not revenge despite the many insults and maltreatment where your patience is closing its end, which then becomes their proof of your bad attitude. So you dare not, to avoid further trouble. It takes empathy To walk away and weaken the hatred circling. To be righteous and to love yourself. With ears that listen not to respond but attend…

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