Someplace where Nobody Knows My Name

Powerful and amazing words shared.


Photo by whoislimos on Unsplash

Bullets fly:

Take your finger off the trigger


I don’t wish you to see me anymore like this;

Clouds in the sky:

Spell your name in a sea of blue


We have today, but nobody knows tomorrow;

I thought we died:

If this isn’t Heaven, then we must go


Once you were mine, but never was that real to believe;

I will suffer in time:

Rip memories off from my wall

In my mind,

I don’t wish for you to live there no more;

Let’s depart:

From this world we thought was ours

Go inside

This heart will live on even when the world’s gone away;

See you in my dreams:

Swim to me through a ocean’s current

Green leaves,

Fall from the sky, where there are no trees.

I’ll go away:

Fade off from these streets

To a place

Where no…

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