Those were the days, my friend…

  Those were the days, my friend

A snowy day and the mall at Christmas. I saw a pretty face and she saw me looking at her. We waited for a few seconds. She came to me and she hugged me hard and tightly.  I kissed her lips without a thoughts. Once we were great lovers and war/life stole us to new places.

She was embarrassed by the kiss and I apology  and she laughed. She kissed me back and she told me. “It is okay Johnnie. I am glad you haven’t forgot me. I do remember you. You and I had the best New Year eve before you left for the war in 1991. I am so glad, you did okay. I did pray for you to be safe and sound. You were my wild desperado who wanted to seek the Hemingway life and death.”

I brought her closer, remembering her beautiful face and kindness of love for a foolish man who wanted everything and he wanted nothing.  I told her. You have a permanent place in my heart. One of the few people, who tried to save me.  Please let’s sit down. Drink some coffee and talk please.
We found a coffee shop. Held hands like forever lovers who were grasping at wishes and dreams. I told her, she was more beautiful than 26 years ago. She smiled and she told me. ” I have been reading your poetry and story on-line. I am glad you are still writing. I have one baby girl, who is 22 years old and I saw the pictures of your family. I am glad you did okay.”

I watched her hazel eyes turn sad and I knew. I found a wish and a prayer. I told her. I got lucky and I tried to do some good things. Now I seek peace over war. I learn the hard way, no good come from war, war steal all the good from our world. I wish I knew what I knew now. You and I, could of been something.

We talked for two hours, hand locked and legs interlaced. She smiled and she whispered. “I must go dear Johnnie. So good to see you. I will introduce myself on-line. So funny, we met at the mall, where we met in 1984. You are a memory, of the opening of a cherish love. Please be safe and remember me.”

We kissed and I saw a soft tears falling from her hazel eyes. I watched her walk away and tears fell from my eyes. I knew. A kind and wonderful love had the needed goodbye, we never shared. I did a silence prayer. Dear Lord. Take care of sweet Jennifer. A angel in a life of confusion.

              Dancing Coyote