The Spoken!

Good words shared.

A Love Story!

Speak, let the manifested be imparted to reflect the created. Speak, let emptiness be words taking form. Words, spoken to become what’s no longer empty. Words have authority, power within the spoken word. Speak, and light will be. Speak, let love become the true empowerment. Speak life into words, to see what will become. Speak, and let the faith therein move the heart; overcome what becomes a mountain. Lips speak, but the heart espouses the spoken word. Speak, to see what it shall produce. Listen, to know what has become. In verbatim, love reaffirmed in a beautiful exchange. Passionate are words, truth spoken with confidence; but with love that can truly enlighten. A heart with words, a soul the voice therein. Let it be words spoken in truth, to empower. A heart learning the art, of not judging every word; without truly listening to what’s being said!

Words can be…

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