Hey brother, hey sister…

Hey brother, hey sister

I remember young men and women. Living, loving, drinking and dancing. Living life fearlessly without regret. Hey brothers, hey sisters. I remember you. We were hopeful, foolish and were soldiers.

Was a time. We were family. Us soldiers, we didn’t see color, race or belief. We would stand together in a fight in peace time or war. Today I do private tears for men lost to the new wars. The old Soldiers stand with us. The old wars have found us. Old hate rebirth and men/women spilling blood for the payment of old hate. Old soldiers and new soldiers pray at the Military graves together. “Please no-more war.”

The old and new Veterans speak of old battles and friends missed. They remember laughter and smiling faces. 4rd of July is near. Please drink a beer, drink a glass of soda for the families who lost everything, raise the glasses high and pray for the hope and wish of peace, for the dream of a world where the children are not dying for the rich men.

Hey brother, hey sister. Please learn the powerful lesson our foolish leaders know and they don’t care. Soldiers are not tools of peace. Old Soldiers will tell you. We fought, we were just men. Just fighting and dying for men with no concern for the soldiers or human life.

Let’s celebrate the holiday day together. I will raise my glass of beer to the sky and I will say.

To life,
to my family,
to the soldiers here and gone.
To better days.
To new days where war are forgotten and our friends are with us.

John Castellenas