I cannot forget you..

 I cannot forget you

(A old poem written on 18 Feb 1993 with a re-write.)

My sweet and kind friend. Please tell me. We are not done. We were friends first, lovers second. I told you once.

“Love is hard, life is harder.
We need friends more than lovers.
Pleasure and need of the body become a more desperate need.
Lovers hold on tightly and need a strong love to keep the fire alive.
I need a friend and I don’t want to lose you to the disappointment of love.”

Pretty lady smiled and gentle tears fall. She whispered. Johnnie, can we go back in time? Can we forget the long nights of lover’s kiss and embrace? Can we forget the landslide of falling apart? Can we forget how we danced to the midnight moon? Can we forget the need to swim as one into the perfect ending? Is the need of love more needy than the want of friendship?

Sweet lady knows. She is waiting for a miracle. Old friend turned lover. They can’t return to the place that is lost. She knows when two become one. Passion and need take-over the need of a friend. She asked him. Can we be lovers and friends?

He brought her closer. He whispered. I can’t unlove you and I cannot forget you. Without you in my life. I would be a lonely ship in the vast oceans. I would be dead in heart. Please let’s hold on tightly and let’s make a midnight wish. Me and you. Always good friends and never far apart. You are my first wish and last wish dear Lover.

                               John Castellenas/Coyote