Secrets of Savannah

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Rum and Robots

Photograph by Joni in Savannah – Poem by Joni – This poem is dedicated to Katy at forresting my cloud for making me smile with her happy paintings and poetry (51 second read)

timeworn, grey hair hangs curly by your wrinkled sides
which weave lines much like an old map of forgotten places
low to the ground as your limbs stretch out
from your vast insides where your substance lay
and the truth of your years we can easily see
for your secrets will never be in season, sweet Savannah
I sit at a café dressed up in yellow and blue
ordering collards, mustard greens, and the low country boil
your bottles of vinegar and hot sauce stir the sticky air
I lick my fingers as I salivate while tasting hot shrimp
the country boil still simmers in the middle of the table for two
sun barely hanging in the…

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