Not a girl of summer

Wonderful poetry shared by a talented writer.

Siren Whispers

IMG_0348_1024 (1)I am not a girl of Summer
though the sea runs through my veins
and I would happily swim
from dawn to dusk.

I am not a Coppertone baby
with flowing yellow hair,
golden strands gleaming
in the sun,
perfection of tan skin
and white smiles.

I am a girl of Autumn,
of Winter
burnished leaves and snowy landscapes
my favorite things;
books and fires and sweaters and long walks
my pleasures.

I am the pale girl
with hair brown as a sable coat,
soft and rich and full of depth.
it is when its copper threads catch the sun
you’re given a hint of the fiery and passionate nature
oft hidden
revealed to few
known intimately
only to one.


© SirenSong1208

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