“An angry sea” #poem #poetry #verse

A amazing poem shared by a talented writer.

Visionary Poems

An angry sea ever prowls the world 
In search of new havens 
Again and again it circles the vast globe 
That spins through a universe without end 
Its great waves ever crash upon shores bleak With boulders of granite crowded 
The rapacious seas verily pound the wary beaches 
And probe vast caverns beneath the red cliffs hidden
As the great dragon prince of the oceans
Stirs the seas into a cauldron of froth 
While its fearsome tail whips and thrashes
The boiling green waters furious
Before departing on the next tide
All intent on destruction now forgot awhile
As a weariness temporary 
The fury in the beast does quieten
Until the moon magnetic
A merciless tempest in the firmament 
Amid a seismic turmoil 
A million miles beneath the brine 
Does stir anew the restlessness 
Deep within the soul of the great ocean
As it now heaves and rolls in great…

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