The free bird

Free bird

I sang a old lullaby to the Lake St. Clair.

“Johnnie, Johnnie. Where you been? Where are you going?
Once free man, his face had change. Maybe the wings been cut away? Maybe he gave-in and accepted the lies of many? Maybe the free bird, had accepted locked-up life and locked-up dreams.
Johnnie, Johnnie. You ain’t dead yet. Dancing Coyote. The wars are going on still, children being born and we must become brave again. Silence life, quiet voice, standing for nothing. We are just waiting for death.
Dear Lord, teach my world, kindness, concern and love. Make the hate and chaos go away.
The free bird must fly away to days of hope and dream the big dreams. Please lord of life and death. Make me brave again.”

Dancing Coyote dancing by the Lake St. Clair.

Waiting for a miracle.
                              Dancing Coyote