We must be, like the sea

We must be, like the sea

(“Bacchus wine are a treasure, Drinking is the soldier pleasure; Rich the pleasure, sweet the pleasure, sweet is the pleasure after pain.”—-John Dryden)

I told the Pacific ocean, I have forgotten more than I remember. I danced alone for the midnight moon, moving and grooving to the sound of Jim Morrison song, “L.A woman.”

Once I chased a good death, once I knew the madness of seeking the highest mountain to climb, now I dance with the Winter storms and I pray to the goddess of the sea. Give me good days, Big Sur and the pretty ladies.

I go to my bottle of Tequila, I pour the salt to my skin, bite the lemon and I drink the tequila. I taste the salt. I love the tequila, make you feel the strength of the Mexican desert plants and make you believe. We can be more than we are.

Two girls come near, pale skin goth girls who knew. Johnnie would be dancing with the sea alone. The requested the tequila and I put the salt on willing hands, I gave them  lemons and I handed them the bottle. They drank willingly and abundantly. They laughed and asked. I hope you brought more Tequila Johnnie. It is a half moon and we don’t need the truth. The half moon, the liar’s moon love the tequila songs.

Luna was dresses in black lace, ginger hair and fiery eyes of coffee brown. She told me. Katy told me, damn Johnnie left us again at the Irish Pub. He is drinking and praying to the moon and the stars. He knew I had my sage and I wanted to join him. So here we are wild man.

I looked at Luna and Katy. They were herbalist, tarot card readers and artist. He befriended them at their small shop year ago. They liked him. He liked the girls who demanded nothing and wanted nothing from him. Katy was a natural beauty, no make-up, free flowing dark black hair and demanding hazel eyes. She wore her multi-colored cotton dress and the gentle Pacific breezed push the dress away showing sun-kissed and strong legs. They demanded more tequila and he poured the salt to their hands and he told them. I am glad you are here. Good  night to sing and dance for the sea. We can pray to Amphitrite and maybe find some peace.

They laughed at his words and Luna told him. You can be your crazy self and I brought my white sage. I will burn the sage, kneel and chant for people who sought healing. Many people came to our shop. Asked me and Katy. To pray for them. Katy told me. The half moon, Johnnie favorite. He will drink till he isn’t drunk no-more. We need to make him pray with us. The Ojibwa crazy man do bare weight with the sleeping spirits. We will steal his drink and we will do the Bacchus dance together.

I handed them some lemons and the bottle of tequila and I smiled and I told them. Let’s drink till we can’t no-more. I brought my sage, my meditating rocks and I am glad to have the company of kind and beautiful ladies. They drank the tequila heavily and they smiled. They tossed off their shoes and they embraced me tightly. Luna whispered, We won’t allow you to die. Nasty Death can’t have you yet. In my tarot card, the cards told me. You have seen hell and heaven. You hold the weight of things, you could not control. We won’t drink to yesterday, we will drink for today and for tomorrow. My dark poet friend, we will bless you with luck and good days.

I kissed both girls and I told them. We have the tequila, we have the half moon and I have the prettiest and kindest girls of Pacific Grove. I am already blessed with the perfect night. The moon smiled and the stars joined them in the dance. Three people dancing with the moving sea. Laughter, song and joy allowed the sea goddess Amphitrite to feel their hopeful energy. She was content and she would grant their wishes.

Dancing Coyote