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The Dancer, 1890 Painting by Pierre Carrier-Belleuse

Requiem for an Aging Prima Donna

Encore!” they bleed
Curtsied and ruffled,
Once royal flesh, now
Leotard callous kneed
Greasy painted mirth,
I bow my swanned head
in kinned animate dread.

Dwindled times chant
Wrinkles and sags
Wriggle and creep,
Seep from concealed
Lucid farrows,
Creases that won’t be
denied. Inside I weep.

Curtains sweep, velvet
hushed, slippered feet
Pid-pad scarred planks.
Trembled steel, I sway and
Wipe mirrored mirage away,
Aggrieved hag, I kiss bliss,
A syringed candle salve.

Morning’s cleaner finds a
Crumpled bag of bones,
Camisoled and flung, my
Arthritic bird claw frozen
Over trickling stemware.
A quiet squeaky gurney
To my final dressing room.

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse - Ballet Dancer with Black Cat - French 19thC  Impressionist portrait oil painting at 1stDibs

image 1:  “The Dancer,” 1890 painting by Pierre Carrier-Belleuse
image 2: “Ballet Dancer with Black Cat,” 1891 painting by Pierre Carrier-Belleuse

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