Jealous (for Jennifer)

Outstanding poetry and please read more of the outstanding work.

Jackie Hemingway

I’m jealous of each drop of rain,
That washes away every stain;
Falling down to wet your skin,
And cleansing you from within.

I’m jealous of the sun’s each ray,
Caressing you all through the day;
Shining so brightly upon your face,
And keeping you in its warm embrace.

I’m jealous of the wind in your hair,
As it gently dances through the air;
Whispered breezes coming near,
Like a lover’s breath to kiss your ear.

I’m jealous of the the dark of night,
That keeps you hidden til mornings light;
Dawn will reveal the nighttime lies,
As your beauty fills the daytime skies.

I’m jealous of a love that’s real,
I’m jealous of the way I feel;
I’m jealous that is plain to see,
I’m jealous of my own jealousy.

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