Memoir Prose Poem: Memories of Ahboji (Father) (and my childhood of joyful sorrow)

Amazing poetry shared by a amazing writer.

Seoul Sister

Ahboji (Father)


In my mind I see him
with a Nikon camera smiling
my debonair father
my 007 ahboji
my GQ motorcycle riding papa.

The sun rises golden climbing
while Mom is singing high opera
and I’m in a crystal ball dreaming
reading Jane Eyre when I was lonely eight.

Our fawn-colored boxer
is fantastically zooming
dog speed circles of joy laughing
in my mind I still see her
racing and dodging
with wild ecstatic eyes
and flapping tongue
her flat patted head
slobbering gratitude
gulping into her silver
rivered water bowl.

The summer is freshly cut
green lawn charming
dandelions burst
like little lion heads blooming
and we make rings of them for our fingers
and blow wishes on their delicate colonies
like feathered cosmic winged seeds
floating away in slow-motion.
Deciduous forests climbing majestically
magnetically gliding towards the sun.
Dappled deer ray sunsets crown the lawn

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