Wounded Angels……

Wounded Angel

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

  Wounded Angel

 My sad  friend.
Please smile for me and
stay with me by the sea all night.

Your world has fell apart.
You don’t know right from wrong.
Desperate acts had left you feeling
dirty and insulated from everyone.

Please take my hand.Walk with a man who swims in shit most
of his life.

Ain’t no real Angels on this Earth,
only us struggling to make amends.

We all must do things we are ashamed of.
World isn’t clean anymore and
not enough helping hands.

Ain’t no pity for the people in plight today.
I know we get fatigue and humiliated to
believing we are worthless and destitute.

Broken Angel.
Please take my hand,
walk with a contaminated man.
Jaded kisses and broken promises had
left me empty.
The not so sweet taste of life has turn me bitter.

The sad woman whispered.
“I’m a dumping ground for men
who want to use and abuse.
I don’t mean much to no-one.”

I  touched her face and
I told her.
“We must ascend from the malingering hell.
Leave the one’s who want you to beg for mercy.”

“Ain’t no easy road.
Sometime we must get up,
tell the world to back away.”

“Find a better path to be on.
Kinder  and better people.”

Please my broken Angel walk with me.
Take my hand.
The new day is rising from the East.