A slow dance…

A slow dance

Once sweet baby, we held love so tightly, you were my everything. Now we are strangers reaching out for a miracle. Maybe we need some gin and juice, some good songs and some forgiveness. Who was wrong, who was right. Don’t matter sweet baby. When we speak the goodbye. Love won’t come home no-more.
——————————————————————————————————————-Once we talked, once we knew the sweetness of love, now we forgot, how I washed your hair and you listened to my stories. We did the midnight dance when the kids were asleep and now we are, two people. Drowning in the want to run and to stay? Maybe we need some songs and a slow dance. Maybe we need to figure out, if love is sweet or if love is a heavy load.———————————————————————————————————————–
                        A slow dance
Just a slow dance, sweet lady, let’s us dig hard and deep, let’s find out if the love is true, or love is the greatest lie. Just a slow dance, you and I. Last dance, first dance. Love is balance on sticks and stone. We can fall or we can hold on tighter.

                             Dancing Coyote