The Rainbow Child, 2020

A amazing poem written.

Charmed Chaos

Where does the rainbow end,

in your soul or on the horizon?”

Pablo Neruda,The Book of Questions

The colors of her changeable soul spill into the world 
Wherever she wanders and roams with wings unfurled

Like satin ribbons streaming in cool zephyr’s arms, 
Far and wide spreading her loving radiant charms

Painting this gorgeous earth in vibrant colored hues
Of rosy-red, emerald, daffodil, and indigo blue

Wearing them with pride in a vibrant long dress
A sweet opal child her heart in essence, blessed

As brilliant arced rainbows dance in her long hair
She shares gifts of peace, hope, and love everywhere

Author’s note:This is a revised poem that I first wrote in 2019.

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