A amazing poem by a talented writer.

where the inspiration lies

Would you listen to
what I have to say,
when I have
nothing to say?
Would you ever care
to see my eyes, full of,
the broken dreams
of you and me?
Would you ever care
to look into my eyes
the way you did the first time, ever?

If I decorate my skin
with words and metaphors,
and not some seductive attire;
and my mouth
with Elizabeth’s love poems
i wonder,
would you even notice me then?
If I tend to have an
ancreontic convo,
playing with the metrical compositions
and diving deep
into each others minds,
i wonder,
would you even try to read mine?

Would you mind having a stroll
alongside the brook
under the lamppost
on a lonely winter evening,
with a cup of cappuccino
in our freezing hands,
snow pouring on us
like the puff balls that
float down from the clouds.
Amidst, all this…

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