A Face of Truth

Powerful words shared by a talented writer.


She is the face of bravery
She is the black that is Africa
She is the strong that is woman
She is the beauty that is not fickle
She is the empathy that is addictive
She is the voice that is enchanting
She is the hand that is motherly
She is the possession that is wealth
She is the fashion that is in vogue
She is the true humanity that we envy
A beacon in the darkness to end savagery.

We watched in every display of heroism
In the dark you formed light, torched it
Sending instructions in the commotion
In tears you sort wounds, pleading for safety
Voice broken in disbelief yet rose in its crack
One who cries for all to return in one peace
In the confusion you played calm, looking over
Heart throbbing to the reality of an imminent death
Shots fired seems to be the…

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