Little poems

Prettiest gal I ever known walked to the door,

dead bolted the door tightly,

and she whispered.

Sometimes, you cannot run.

I didn’t know true love till she touched my feet.

She was long, she was forever andshe whispered as her coldness caressed my feet.

I will keep you safe and allow you know peace.

I knew, I would never forget her.

I would yearn to be with her forever.

I told the Pacific ocean,

You have stolen my heart.


Chain, chain, chain, we shall know my lover.

Chains that can’t be broken.

Love can be warm as a July Texas Summer day and can be,

cold as a Alaska Winter morning.

I tried to run away and I two-stepped to the locked door.

My lover, she smiled and she whispered.

Chain, chain, chain we are.

No escape my lover.

The devil kiss is forever,

no release till the house fall down.

Dancing Coyote