Nature, the gentlest mother

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“Nature, the gentlest mother” is the first of Aaron Copeland’s song set for soprano voice, Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson, orchestrated in 1958. This song holds a special place in my heart as I chose it to end my senior voice recital in college. I fell in love with the piece when I first heard Barbara Bonney sing the set.

The vocals and nature videography were recorded by me this past weekend in Maui, Hawaii, in collaboration with Jennifer Dale’s accompaniment on piano. Traditionally you will hear this piece sung with an operatic sound and robust vocal vibrato. However, I chose to sing it with more of a straight-tone sound for a tender, ethereal feel, which I think goes nicely with Dickinson’s poetry. I hope you will enjoy this performance. 🌿💗

If you have difficulty viewing on post, follow this link to YouTube.

Nature, the gentlest mother: Emily Dickinson

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