Stay forever young

 Forever young

Once I was fearless and brave.

Love was life and life was love.

I had a strong back and powerful legs.

I was going to save my world.
Once I wanted long nights and I could dance till the sunrise.

I love the song and I loved the red-hair ladies.
Time had  stole the energy of my youth,

too many losses made brave and fearless man walk slower and think too much.

My old heart had learn.
Life is simple. Be forever young in spirit.

Dance with the grandchildren,

teach them to be fearless and brave.
Don’t complain,

laugh and dance till the midnight hours.

Sing songs of praise and be thankful for what you have.
Once I was fearless and brave and I know now.

Love near, keep us young and hopeful.

Lead with concern, kindness and listen.

Be forever young,

never allow life to make you become old.