Falling into the fire…

Falling into the fire


I saw many shades of red,

I have seen blood red in anger,

I have seen blood red skies and I have seen the land painted with the red blood of war.
Once the redness of living,

hung heavy on my heart and soul.
Today I love red, because of you.

Fire-hair woman stole my eyes,

stole my heart, made me learn.
Idyllic places need hard lessons,

need to be taught,

pretty places need gentle heart and hopeful dreams.
I read your face,

I kissed your hands and you allowed me to run my hands through your hair of fire.

You told me.
“Johnnie, Johnnie.

Listen to the echoes of living,

we are just here for a second,

make the good days linger and forget the bad days.”
Falling into the fire,

falling into the eyes of hazel green,

falling into your arms of softness and realistic sweet dreams.

The color red, my blessing and my teacher.

                 Dancing Coyote