Remember me, remember us…

 Remember me, remember us

Pretty lady sat alone by a closed window and she is waiting. She is waiting for a memory.  Once she was deeply in  love and now she know her lover. Faded away and now two strangers accepting less, share a bed, share a quiet house.

Soft tears fall down soft cheeks and she did the lover’s prayer—

”                The lover’s prayer

Dear one am hour. Please make love return to me, please make love, crazy and alive again.
Please bring back the night of a thousand kisses and the demands and want to make love till the morning light.
Please make him. Only see me, please make him only need me.
I want sweet red wine and his words.
Whispering. You are my life and you are my only wish.
I love you more than anything and you are my everything.
Please remember me, remember us”

Pretty lady wearing silky lace and hopeful heart is waiting by the window. Tire man come home and he saw in the window. Perfect beauty waiting by the window. He looked in the car mirror and he knew. He had forgot what was important and sweet. He remember her. She saved him and she made him feel worthwhile and alive.

He started the car and he went to the party store. He bought sweet red wine, a bottle of rum and some pineapple juice. He return home less tire and he held flowers, the wine and the drink. He hope the sweet and kind lady would forgive his foolishness.

He open the door and she ran to him. She asked him. Where did you go? She saw the flowers, she saw the wine and the drink. Soft tears fell from her beautiful face and he whispered.

Sometime love is sweet, sometime love is quiet. I’m sorry dear lover.  I never forgot you and I know now. Love need the sweet song and interlocking hands and lips.  You are my world, you are my everything. Please forgive me for what I became.

Pretty woman held him tightly and she whispered. Please love. Please don’t forget me and I need you to show me daily. I’m what you need and only love.

Two people are dancing to the silence of the 2am hour. The Gods of love are smiling. Two people tasting long and sweet kisses, finding places where love was life. Life is love.

                         John Castellenas/Coyote