Say, a prayer for me

  Say a prayer for me

Please friend. Whisper a prayer for me. I had lived swimming in sin, gin and bad love. Today I’m barren and alone.

A long time ago. I held great dreams. I thought love would be forever and I was going to save our world. I learn the vodka and juice wasn’t my savior. Old men and old women who find the purgatory Inn. Last Tavern for the wasters of life and love. Are just waiting for proper ending.

Somehow I got twisted-up and I got used up.  I fell in love with bad women, the long highway and the new cities.

I learn. The highways, they never end.  The vodka and juice become more bitter with time. The traveling and the rambling man who lay no foundation. He will died alone.

Men who never show real face, need a prayer and a wish. The taverns people do pray for the lost comrades.  No funeral or grave for the people who loved so few.  Just drunk men and women wishing.  Their friend had finally find peace.

                                  John Castellenas/Coyote