The lucky or the crazy?

The lucky or the crazy?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I lived on the coastline of California for three years. No better place to be.”

             The lucky or the crazy

We danced by the light of the moon.

Every Saturday and Sunday we came and watched the sun fall into the sea.

I watched her write my name in the sand and

she told me I was the only sweet dream in your life.

I brought her  close to me and  I whispered how beautiful and sweet you are.

She got up.

Danced  circles around me and

 She came to me.

Gave me  gentle  sweet kisses.

The waves danced upon the shores of Monterey.

A big winter storms was coming.

We sat together.

I held her close and

we were waiting for a purpose to be alive.

Our favorite time of the year is the storms of December and January.

We would put on our wet suits and become part of the sea.

We would fight our way out and rock and roll with the ocean.

Becoming one with the powerful waves.

Her loving glances I could see from a distance.

The ocean tossing us taking away our sadness and misery.

We would go to her apartment.

Take off the wet suits and tried to keep warm.

Our two nude bodies laid across the bed with a heavy blanket..

Her  nude body  was  so beautiful.

I told her sweet lies.

I called her my only sweet dream.

Held her like she was my first and only love.

Our nights were in slow motion.

Two lonely people reaching out for a bit of tenderness and passion.

I told her.

You are a sweet gift in a life that was going to hell.

Her blue eyes gazed into my eyes.

Looking for any sign of love or real emotion.

A tear rolled down her beautiful face.

She whispered to me, the road has turned me so cold.

I told you to leave me before I turn into stone.

I told her.   I would miss you and  I need you.

I want to be able to kiss your sweet lips,

touch those beautiful long legs.

Feel your warm body against me.

I know I would  be a fool to leave you.

Before I found you  sitting alone on the Seaside beach.

I was an undone painting.

Needing the tender touches of your  fingers and hands

to mold me to someone with dreams and able to love.

She  laid her face into my chest and whispered don’t leave me.

I told her.

I will stay with you my lover.

We need to move slow and easy.

The path to paradise and love is for the lucky or crazy, maybe we must be both?

I kissed her and brought her near to me.


                         December 2012