Deeper and deeper we shall fall.

(The dear poet “AUTHOR MAMEN AN” gave me reasons to write this morning.)

  Deeper we shall fall.—–

        The Germany Summer was upon me,

the June warm days made everything come alive.

The blessed morning sun touched my face and I told her.

Please gentle rising sun, give me some reasons to smile today.
I sat upon a hill, waiting for no-one.

I had my Hemingway books and strong coffee.

I wrote into my journal.

“The sacred morning led me to you.

You are my German girl beauty with pale skin,

eyes of blue and the warmest heart, I ever known.

Did I tell you beautiful Brigitte,

in your eyes,

I can see everything kind and sweet.

You gave me the mercy of love kiss,

the lover’s embrace and you taught me.

Love can be sweet, easy and it won’t break your heart.
Deeper and deeper we shall fall and

I am drunk in love with you my love.

Before you saved me from my grief and my pity.

I was alone.
I remember you found me with my whiskey and my sorrow.

You took me to your home and you hugged me tightly,

whispered soft words of love.
In your eyes,

I saw everything beautiful and

when you laid your head in my lap,

sang Leonard Cohen songs to me.

The walls of my disappointment fell because of you.
Today I sit alone with the clear blue sky,

the sun kissing my face and I smile.

I love you dear Brigitte,

you are my kindest friend.”

I heard a voice,

a beautiful girl in her Summer dress,

holding coffees and cakes,

walking quickly to me.

I stood-up and we embraced and she told me.

Johnnie, Johnnie. You never sleep and you love our place.

I knew you would be with the mountains and the wildflowers.

I awoke alone, not even a note for me!

But Johnnie liked to write alone, do you want me to stay or to go?
I brought her close, laid my head into her bosom and

I told her. You are my ambrosia and sweetest days.

Please stay and please always love me.

I shall love you till the sun shined no-more.
She smiled and she caressed my hair with gentle fingers,

and she whispered. I will be with you till you don’t need me no-more.