No One Fucks You Harder Than Time – Poetry by Yvonne Brizula

Outstanding poetry shared by a talented writer.

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To What We Lost – Yvonne Brizula

Time is a funny thing. It passes with or without our consent, and we are left to manage it in how best we can. Yvonne Brizula takes a good look at it, addressing the losses, hardships, and beauty of existence.

No One Fucks You Harder Than Time

  • Ser Davos, Game of Thrones S7 Ep. 5
    By Yvonne Brizula

Getting old is getting old.
Birthdays come with consequences
Like calories and hangovers
And disappointment
From unfulfilled wishes.
It’s a long walk through 365 days.
Every week, a tortured mile
That brings a new ache
A twinge in the knee, a pain
In the back, a broken
Heart. Every recovery is longer
Than the last.
Winter comes
To carve another letter
Of his name into my face
And the light of Summer
Dapples my skin
With her indelible ink.
When I was young I’d hear

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