“The winds a’howl and a’rage” #poem #poetry #verse

A amazing poem shared by a talented writer.

Visionary Poems

The winds a’howl and a’rage 
As torrential rains lash at the sea 
And the land grows dark 
Dark as a starless night at midnight 
The ocean waters verily heave 
Whether in rebellion ‘gainst the very winds 
Or in concert with them ’tis hard to tell 
As the white caps flurry in a blur of much chaos 
And great waves roll in to’ard shore
While an ominous stillness holds the land captive
As all with bated breath do fearful grow 
And portentous sheets of rain 
Batter the realm without ceasing
How much more water can the heavens dispense 
Surely the end soon must come
Yet the duel twixt waters and wind
Bellows and blusters and fulminates unremitting 
As the two mighty elements fearsome 
One another do bait and goad for to wrestle
As the roar of the firmament urges them ever on
In a battle unwinnable
That only in defeat for…

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