prompted poetries: november 3

Wonderful poetry shared by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy the work of the poet.

lucid reeming

@globalagepoetry: so long

So long, dear heart
From this body you emerged
Now you thrive in the sun
Loved and so much more

@poetsgrid: candle

Kiss my lips
Wicker-thin and weathered
And set my soul aflame

@poetsgrid: monster

Mother warned me
About monsters like you
Handsome and almost sweet

For he is like Adonis
And cursed like Narcissus

Sharp in the sunlight
His smile is wicked
A monster hissing

Wicked teeth
Bloody hands
His heart
Will eat you

@poetsgrid: spell book This heart is callous, caged in bone But not a bird that sings Not a siren that lulls to the sea But a banshee, shrieking in the night It is a witch, wicked and hideous Disguised in pretty skin Handing out candy-apple kisses Rotten from the inside Whispering spells by the book To keep you here, to keep you here Tell me, lover, are you…

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