The wishing well..

The wishing well

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Wishes are just dust lost in the wind. Words that will scar the heart and soul. We must know action and seek peace in life."

(My friend Donald. He was killed in Iraq in August 2004.)


(Wishes are just dust lost in the wind. Words that will scar the heart and souls. We must know action and seek peace in a life.)

(Don’t allow the foolishness of other to block the desire of love. Family is family in good and bad times. Family is all we have. See your father and mother in the eyes of the elders. Leave with kind words and good memories. One day the good and kind people will be gone.  We will need to remember their faces.)

The clock is moving. Tick tock, tick tock.
I remember so many names and I can’t remember their faces.
I pick up old photos.
They bring back both happiness and sadness.
I make a wish to see old friends and missed family.

I watched a girl tossing a penny into the wishing well. 
She smiled at me. Asked me. “Do wishes come true. Or are they just wasted words.?”

I told her. “Life is simple. Wishes are fool’s goals. Must resurrection hope. Must retrieve the energy and hope of a strong and wise mind. Can’t mangle and rip apart the deeds of good people to leave you standing empty. Wishing for missed and lost voices and faces.”

The girl asked “Is forgiveness possible?  Can I return to where I was? Is it better to wait or bow down. Open new doors for family and friends?”

“Better to accept mistakes and try to understand. Forgive those who are part of our life. Family is what we are. Would the people important to our heart and soul  understand why we forsaken the people that would do anything for your safety and happiness. Father’s eyes are in the eyes of their parent. When you create a broken bridge. A part of you will be lost forever and can’t be replaced.  Better to bow down and seek forgiveness and peace. Then to live in disappointment for leaving dear people with negative words.”

The young girl looked into my eyes. Asked me. “Does the regret ever fade away?”

I told her. Become scars that can’t heal. Just open wounds to remind us to be kind.

I stood by my friends grave. I cried many tears for him and his children. His mother held me like a child. I told her. “I wished I spend more time with him. He was a real friend. I miss his smile and laughter.” I asked the spirit of life and death in a silent prayer. I pray my  old friend have found some peace. I saw my friends face in the father’s face. He stood sad and alone. I know parent will die many times for lost of their babies.”

Hard to seek forgiveness and find hope sometime.
I stood by the wishing well.
I tossed a penny in.
I wished for happiness for all the children.
I wish to understand life.

Tick tock, tick tock.
Time is going by.
Few people are left that caressed my life with hope and kindness.
I know the way of life. A wise person give back the love and kindness he
was given with great generosity.

I saw my friend daughter yesterday. She had a baby small boy and he made me happy. His energy and joy for life reminded me of his Grandfather. Maybe we do get some sort of peace in the end.

My old friend was a wise man. He saved me many times. I tried to help him.
I know he is  in paradise looking down. Seeing two beautiful daughters. Grand babies growing strong and big. I know he is content.

He would have told his children. “Don’t let the hatred of others  make you hate. Need family and friends to keep you strong. Love bring love. Hate bring loneliness.”

I stand by the wishing well. I know wishes can come true. If we do our best and are kind to friends and family. Hate and negative leave us wishing for thing hard to find again.

Better to seek peace and know love.