Lead with concern, kindness and love..

Lead with concern, kindness and forgiveness

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Just words. And the best version of a wonderful song. "

What do our children see? What lessons are being taught to the children? We had a Summer of riots, violence and separation. Can you create change by murder, riots and hate? No!!! “A eye for a eye world will leave us all dead.” No-one shall win. The children shall pay for our hatred.

                                     ” Lead with concern, kindness and forgiveness

I watched my world falling into madness.
Please make the people understand this is one planet and one people. We must learn, we must lead with concern, kindness and forgiveness. How many must die, how many cities must be destroyed, before we learn? Every life is part of the earth, every life is a light upon the planet. This is one planet and one earth. We must get-along. Rate a person by their deeds, not religion, color or birth.  We need a town to raise a child, we need to ensure the children are safe.

                               Dancing Coyote