You don’t love me

 You don’t love me..

The October rain is falling and the apartment is getting darker, colder and quiet. Once, you and I. Were desperate for warm kisses and we loved the sound of our voices speaking late into the midnight hours. Now our home is expanding.

Us, escaping to new things and forgetting once, love was all we needed. Who is wrong and who is right? It doesn’t matter no-more. You don’t love me no-more, my world is more dark, more lonely.

In the blunder of whiskey nights, we stirred the need of passion and we do the lover’s dance. Stealing kisses and whispering weak words of love. I told her,” please let’s drink and pray for more. When you leave me. I will be alone.”

Sultry and sad eyes don’t cry no-more. she whispered, “I am here and you are always gone. Your damn wars and you and I. From two places and you will leave me soon. We held the sweetness of love, like she was our savior. Now she will strip us bare and love will teach us the final goodbye.”

I told her, “she is the ray of sunlight on my face, that make me smile. She is my merciful woman, who taught me love kiss could be so sweet, taught me the embrace of love, was the sweetest ambrosia. I have lived and die in your arms my dear lover.”

Looking frail, so humble and she whispered. “The damn poets believe love will save them, the ancient cities whispered secret to wandering lovers, love is fair and easy. It isn’t my sweet man. We must release the sadness and embrace the good days we have left. Forever the sacred days of us, we shall remember.”

We looked outside, the October rain is falling and two young lovers are praying for more.