“Saving Grace”

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Poetry of Emotions

Never enough for me,
all the love in the world,
is in your heart for us,
blanketing like a million stars.

Unbridled joy so great
it outshines the sun,
melting us into one spirit,
so we will share the world.

We can survive the storm
in each other's arms naturally,
kiss upon kiss so romantic
to rise above the pain.

What above us as humans
shining like diamonds
in a world out of control,
our love is the calming effect.

As we journey to our destiny
as one love in a world of fate.
I will save you from the fire,
please just hold out your hand. . . 

and save you from the flames.Timothy Michael DiVito c2020

“Saving you from the flames of hell’s touch”

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