Leonard song and my November poem.

The November song

I told the Winter sky, I am in the November of my life.

I asked the Lake St. Clair,

did I do enough?

I slowly built my mini-rock garden of many rocks near the water.

Colorful rocks I have found in 50 years of wandering.

I hold my small Native American Tipi and and I put her into the center.

I add my white sage and I lite with my lighter the sage.

I pray to the sky, the water and the earth.

“Please give me more days,

I am not done yet.

I am very tire,

please give me the energy to stay hopeful and positive.

Thank you for leading me to this place.

I am near the holy lake,

the kind sun is sun-kissing my face.

The green is almost gone,

December is whispering,

the cold days shall come.

Thank you for my good health,

thank you my children, my grandchildren are healthy and strong.

My November heart is quiet,

my mind is running to old places.

Thank you for Lake St. Clair,

thank you for the warm sun on my face and

allowing me to be in the safety of nature beauty.”

Some women are watching,

thinking I was a medicine man or deep in some madness.

I brought them to the colorful stones and I told them my reasons I do the burning of the sage..

They smiled and one of the kind ladies, asked.

Can I pray with you.

She told Lake St. Clair.

“Please heal our world, please stop the hate.

Please help our world.”

The two woman held my hands and they took my phone number.

We promised to pray together in the early Spring.

I pick-up my rocks, I wrap up my tipi and I thank the sun.

Thank you for this good day.

Dancing Coyote