Look Up and Other Poems

Wonderful poetry shared.

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Glory Cumbow

Look Up

Oh, please, please look up. I know the consuming temptation to lock eyes arrow-straight ahead refusing the risk  of averting your gaze elsewhere and accepting the landscape immediately before you as the only possible reality. Oh, but please,  please look up. Within the strict parameters of frontward vision that neglects the peripheral, your perception is mighty slim. You might behold a rose bush, but all you will know is that singular bush. Yes, it is lovely, but why limit the beauty in your life? You would miss out on the ivy swirling up the trellis, or the apple tree heavy-laden with fruit. So do yourself a favor, and just look  up.  Otherwise you will splash through the puddles, with squishy, soaked socks but forsake the rolling thunderheads as they rule the sky. Wet and shivering, unsheltered and alone, the misery ahead of you is a…

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