A love song

A love song…

Give me a day, maybe a week. Maybe a lifetime.
I will make you believe. love is near, live is sweet. Love is everything.

My faithful heart yearn to see you smile, I want to hear your laughter and watch you, dance alone for me in the midnight hours.

I want us to know crazy, I want the long beach days and quiet nights, where we whisper the sweetest love words.

I will write you a love song, a song to tell the moon, you are my reason to be alive, my reason to be brave.
Have I told you? You are the most beautiful woman, I ever seen.

Have I told you? Your love, is my ambrosia.
I want to see you smile, I want to hold your hands and kiss your sweet lips, when you seek sleep and I want to kiss your morning face, everyday of my life.

I know you are the sweetest wine I ever had tasted, my blessing, my lucky star. You are my everything.
I love when you beckon me to come near, touch my face and you whisper. I am here my love and what do you need?

Dancing Coyote