Arise New Year. Happy Phoenix Arose Too. You.

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Our World Legends.

Featured Image. Symbols In Our World. Legends Tell Phoenix-Like Liked Also. All So Sunnily Like Our New. Year Yore Phoenix Does So. Arise. Ending 2020 In Deeds Done. Daily Indeed Dawn Timed Yore Anew. Year. Now So 20 Pointed Phoenixed Outs. In Here Lightly As Well. Well As Ups ā€˜nā€™ Downs. Noted Down Herein.


Just a wisp. Then

in Time. On Time.

Now Our Dawn of Dawn.

  • ā™¦ Time. Cycling

Sparks of Light gather collectively now too. To be

swept away together so quick. Flickering in early Winds.

Then again. More. Much more. Moreovers

underlying truthfully soon. Enough, a spiralling plume

that so. Twisted

turned cloudy darkly dissipating as it. Moved, lightly

circling, gaining that height to greet this. Our New Day.

  • ā™¦ A New Years. Day.

This Morn so thus bright, heading. High, spectrumed

with those. These Seven Colors that Nature

so adores, adorns so. Collects into One. Light

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