My slayer

Powerful words shared by a talented writer.

Vall.Grey poetry

a mood board containing pictures about the color red and a poem named My Slayer

 Something I noticed
 you made me bleed
 I saw you girl
 eating me
 Red you painted the night
 all wrapped in cold sin
 You waved till next time
 Veil is your face
 the one of a thief
 You gave me a prophecy
 into this dream
 Something I heard
 flesh and bones smashed
 I heard you girl
 devouring me
 You raped the night red
 All pale as the dead
 You waved till next time
 Fatal is our bond
 more than I could bear
 Your teeth rattle
 as I vanish
 We came in night red
 All wrapped in a mask
 It was death and birth
 I burrowed through the night
 Red, all raped in your mask
 I waved till next time

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