Writing’s on the wall

The writing’s on the wall….

Did we love? Did we steal from each other? Did we loan kisses? If we did. I would steal and loan a thousand more kisses from you my Gypsy gal. If I could. I met her on hot Texas Summer day and I adored her wild looking hazel eyes. I studied the lines of brown and gray in the wildness of dancing green. She asked me. Soldier, what are looking at? I told her. I am falling into your eyes of green, your face of a angel and the questions in your words. You are the most beautiful thing I ever saw. You make the Texas heat hotter and I need to drink the coldest beer in Austin with you.

She smiled a Devilish smile and she whispered in my wanting ear. If you dance with the devil. He never loses. He just takes, steal, borrow and take more. Leaving you wanting more. Can you read the writing on wall brave soldier? Some women are murderers of love, kindness and dreams. I will brake your heart. I put my hands into her long auburn hair, allowed my fingers to entwine in her flowing hair and I told her.  Talk with me, walk with me. Drink with me, dance with me. We don’t need to seek love. Maybe we can seek comfort, a kind voice and tender hands on our skin. Maybe we can feel alive for a moment, maybe a lifetime? My Gypsy girl, you can’t break my heart. My old heart been broken a thousand times and cannot be repaired.

She laughed at my words my words, She wrapped her arms around me. Kissed my face, kissed my lips and my neck. I smelled strawberries in her hair and I loved the feel of her body near. She looked at my face and she traced my face with tender fingers. She whispered. I see a thousand journeys in your eyes. I see great sadness and in your voice. You talk brave and relentless. You like to feel the misery of love kiss. Even when love burned the soul. I told her. It is noon and we can drive to the sea. We can drink and drink till we are careless.

We can dance  on the sandy beach and maybe you can tell me some tales of wild and crazy days. Maybe we can create some better ones? She kissed me softly, she kissed me hard. She told me. You made my sleeping heart, wish and hope. Maybe we can buy some Johnnie walker red and ice-up some good beer. We don’t need the dark taverns. I would love the ocean, the feel of the sea against my feet, my skin. Maybe I will give you a midnight dance? I smiled and I told her. Old Dodge truck is near and I have three days off from the Army. The sea is calling your name my Gypsy gal. I would be honored to have you company, if you like? She smiled and she told me. Let’s go to my place, gather some things and you and I. We can find the sea and maybe tempt love?