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Things In My Head

I have everything I need

God has given it to me

In abundance.

I want for nothing.

Yet, I have still been unhappy

Plagued by petty worries

And by what I deem to be important

But none of it isn’t, really

Not in the big scheme of things

What we cannot change



Current concerns


Sleepless Nights

Fears and insecurities


We should accept them all

And not fight them, at all

Because everything changes

It’s the nature of the world

I have felt trapped in the past

But realised

Those times were actually the happiest in my life

But I didn’t see it.



Some people say

No rest for the wicked

I say,

No rest for the blessed.

So much to be grateful for.

If we would only look

Take away the veil

From our eyes

And see

Hindsight is twenty twenty

But all we…

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