Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Layla Ali Sultan

For you,
Only the gentlest thought.

For you,
Only the purest thought.

For you,
Only the kindest thought.

You do not know

How much I protect you
even from my own mind.

How much I pray for you freedom
even from my own hands.

How much I hope for your safety
even from my own heart.

I scattered words around me

Like leaves
Like petals
Like feathers.

Softly gliding.
Gently fluttering.
Silently falling.

I said so much.
I said enough.
I said it all.

And you turned away.
And you came back.
And you turn away.
And you come back.

I read your words
I peer at your photos
I watch the space between each letter.

Like a cracked scrying glass
Like a map for this maze.
Like a faint whisper in the mist.

Like leaves,
Like petals,
Like feathers.

He loves me.
He loves me not.

He forgets me.

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