“A horde of trees” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Visionary Poems

A horde of trees 
Silent and proud 
Robust of heart 
And resolute of resolve 
Moved as one solid phalanx impregnable 
In perfect formation flawless 
Fit for inspection 
By an unforgiving despot unyielding 
To’ard the ethereal empire nefarious 
Of a mystery of mists miasmal
By very stealth for to encroach 
Upon the army advancing
United of intent most duplicitous 
For to verily deceive 
Upon the unsuspecting swirls malfeasant
That around the realm 
Did merrily cavort
Confusing and befuddling their chosen victim 
With their artistry and flair 
In the things intangible indistinct 
Their very speciality 
In a world of fog and brume 
And hazy vapours nebulous and murksome
That feed upon the affliction 
Of the weary and the weak
As this way and that 
Did they float and spin 
For to confuse and confound their hapless prey
And slithered with little care 
For the trembling and the stumbling 
As the stoical muscular…

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