My New Publication in The Tiny Seed Literary Journal

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Rum and Robots

Photo by Pexels – Caroline Anderson

My New Poem

Revisiting a Sanctuary for a Child Who Found her Freedom

thin and wrinkled, like stiff branches, I see my arms
shaking now as does the fledging before its first flight
carefully sitting down under the same old favorite oak
my heart like a beacon holding on forever to this moment
looking out on brownish waters that still sing my song of freedom
from all that is daunting in my life as I run flying into this picture
with melodic cricket sounds merging with bullfrogs
leaves rustling to their own tempo as soft green moss kiss my palms
turtle heads darting up catching dragonflies for snacks
a blue butterfly lands upon my shoulder, kissing the trenches on my cheek
love of the dance of the sun’s light leaves an atlas of brown spots
looking like a constellation along the surface of the…

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