The days of freedom…

The days of freedom…

Yesterday was the first warm days of Spring. I opened the doors and I opened the window.  I allowed the air of Spring to re-fresh the house. I took the grandchildren to the park and I watched them run, run and run some more. I know our children are just children, just for a second. We must allow them to know the sweet days of freedom. Show them how to dance with the wind, sing songs to the sky and laugh at the disappointments.
Us mentors, grandparent, we are the mentors of the future. We must teach the children to dream a thousand dreams and to wish upon the first star of the night, teach them to be kind to each other and teach them, better to have many friends than being alone.

A beautiful Spring day, me and the grandchildren saw the first flowers of the season. I told them Spring is coming as they rode away on their bikes. I looked to the clouds and the warm sun. I whispered a silence prayer.

Lord of life and death, thank you for the perfect day, thank you for allowing me to know the sweetness of life. Grandchildren near, life is okay and I can smile and laugh still.

Please send wisdom to our leaders. Every soldiers was a parent’s blessing, a grandfather’s joy. Please stop seeking war over peace. Every life is part of our world. Please Lord of life and death, stop the bombing in the many corners of this world, please allow, every child to be safe, have shelter and enough food to eat. Thank you for this beautiful day and send the caress of forgiveness.

I saw the grandchildren running, running and running some more. The cold Winter locked them in the house and I see the joy of freedom in their eyes. Like my Ojibwa Grandmother, I want my grandchildren to run free and not have walls to in prison them. I want them to be fearless, I want them to dance with the wind, swim in the deep sea and stand on the largest mountains. Be brave.

                   Dancing Coyote